Mahnaz Razandi MS

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The present study evaluated the effect of sucralfate and its components, sucrose octasulfate and aluminum hydroxide, on: (1) damage to rat cultured gastric mucosal cells induced by sodium taurocholate in a neutral environment and in conditions independent of systemic factors, (2) prostaglandin E2 and on 6-keto prostaglandinF 1α release by cultured cells,(More)
Whether somatostatin stimulates prostaglandin synthesis by gastric cells is controversial. Also, it is unknown whether somatostatin protects gastric cells against exogenous injury in conditions independent of systemic factors and of inhibition of gastric acid secretion. The present study was undertaken (1) to evaluate the effect of somatostatin on(More)
The aims of this study were to investigate the roles of iron as a catalyst in reactive oxygen metabolite-mediated cellular injury and of the endogenous antioxidant defenses against acetaminophen-induced cytotoxicity in cultured rat hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were isolated and cultured from either 3-methylcholanthrene-treated or untreated rats. Cytotoxicity(More)
Acetaminophen has recently been reported to protect against drug damage to gastric mucosa in vivo.The present study tested acetaminophen protection in cultured rat gastric mucous cells against sodium taurocholate-induced damage and assessed the role of endogenous prostaglandins. Cell damage was assessed by phase-contrast microscopy and quantitated by(More)
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