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In this paper, two row boundary (TRB) allocation algorithm and limited top-down compaction (LT-DC) migration method are proposed. The first scheme, attempts to allocate the free nodes in the center of the mesh and decrease the problem of external fragmentation. The next mechanism use task migration to improve the performance of existing sub-mesh allocation(More)
In this paper, several efficient migration algorithms have been proposed to improve existing non-preemptive sub-mesh allocation strategies in multiprocessors which are two-row boundary migration algorithm (TRBMA) and different types of combined migration mechanisms. These methods are presented to solve the external fragmentation problem in contiguous(More)
To send multimedia data over an insecure communicational network with limited bandwidth, we need an organized management for creating and sending information. So far, there have been a few methods proposed from the combination of compression with symmetric encryption, for sending these files. In this paper, using pipeline compression with implementation(More)
In this paper, several efficient migration and allocation strategies have been compared on the mesh-based multiprocessor systems. The traditional non-preemptive submesh allocation strategies consist of two row boundary (TRB) and two column boundary (TCB). The existing migration mechanisms are online dynamic compaction-four corner (ODC-FC), limited top-down(More)
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