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Molecular characterization of Tulipa L. species can elucidate the relationships among the species and provide more information about the taxonomy of this valuable genus. In this study, the genetic relationship among 39 Tulipa accessions from Khorassan and Yazd Provinces, located in east and northeast Iran, were analyzed using inter-simple sequence repeat(More)
For the perfume industry, Rosa damascena is the most important species used in the production of rose attar which is made by distilling volatile oils from the petals of flowers. It is also used widely in the manufacture of rose water, as a flavoring agent. Other species like Rosa gallica L., Rosa centifolia L., Rosa × borboniana Desp. and the rose cultivar(More)
Many world class large carbonate reservoirs leave behind at least half of the initial oil in place. Typically water injection is used to improve oil recovery while gas injection is used to maintain pressure or to promote oil gravity drainage. Immiscible gas injection, including injection of CO2, has been considered but not implemented on a large scale for(More)
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