Mahnaz Kadkhoda

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– This paper presents a Petri net based agent model for virtual tourism. This model is based on object oriented Petri nets. The object Petri net model of virtual tourism consists of three distinct layers. Petri net models of agents are proposed to specify the components of mobile agent systems as autonomous modules. Each layer of the system has been modeled(More)
With the increasing use of location-sensitive applications, a variety of localization techniques in wireless sensor networks (WSN) have been introduced to date; each aiming to improve accuracy of location estimation. However, most of these studies do not consider the factor of uncertainty which is naturally present in the localization problem. Focusing on(More)
DNA computing has recently gained intensive attention as an emerging field bridging the gap between computer science and biomolecular science. DNA based computing can be competitively used to simulate various computing models including Boolean circuits because of its potential to offer massive parallelism. In this paper we present a new DNA-based evaluation(More)
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