Mahnaz Islam

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This study uses panel data from Cape Town to document the role played by aging parents in caring for grandchildren who lose parents due to illnesses such as AIDS. We quantify the probabilities that older adults and their adult children provide financial support to orphaned grandchildren. We find significant transfers of public and private funds to older(More)
We use nine waves of the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) to investigate the large labor market height premium observed in the BHPS, where each inch of height is associated with a 1.5 percent increase in wages, for both men and women. We find that half of the premium can be explained by the association between height and educational attainment among(More)
This paper demonstrates high returns to a simple rule-of-thumb tool to help farmers manage use of fertilizers, suggesting considerable scope for productivity gains through better management of inputs. The green revolution led to significant improvements in rice yields in South Asia, through the adoption of high-yielding varieties and the increase of inputs(More)
Women in developing countries are starting to join the workforce in greater numbers, and it has been argued that such exposure can lead to improved outcomes for them. This paper examines whether longer tenure in the formal sector affects female empowerment, marriage and fertility decisions. I exploit plausibly exogenous variation in duration worked from a(More)
Recent experimental demonstration of Perovskite/Si tandem cell has created new possibilities for next generation low cost and high efficiency solar cells. Proper theoretical analysis is required to get optimized performance from such cells. In this paper, we present a theoretical modeling framework for monolithic two terminal Perovskite/Si tandem solar(More)
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