Mahnaz Ghambarian

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The presented study investigates application of decanoic acid-coated Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles as an adsorbent for solid phase extraction and determination of trace amounts of Cd, Co, Cr, Ni, Pb and Zn(More)
A new on-line cloud point extraction (CPE) system coupled to ICP-OES was designed for simultaneous extraction, preconcentration and determination of Cd2+, Co2+, Cr3+, Cu2+, Fe3+ and Mn2+ ions in(More)
Herein, a simple and sensitive method was successfully developed for the extraction and quantification of acrylamide in water samples. Initially, acrylamide was derivatized through a bromination(More)
Herein, a new dispersive solid-phase extraction method using a nano magnetic titanium dioxide graphene-based sorbent in conjunction with high-performance liquid chromatography and ultraviolet(More)
A fast, simple, low cost surfactant-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method along with central composite design for the determination of low level of Cr(VI) ions in several aquatic(More)