Mahnaz Ahmadian

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An orthogonal eigenstructure control method with collocated actuators and sensors was recently developed by the authors. In this paper the application of the method is extended beyond the collocation of the actuators and sensors, including the cases that different numbers of actuators and sensors are used. Orthogonal eigenstructure control is an output(More)
In this paper, a new approach based on combination of modified binary particle swarm optimization (MBPSO) and recurrent neural network (RNN) for decoding of 1/n rate convolutional codes has been developed. For reducing complexity of Viterbi Algorithm (VA) some novel pseudo optimum iterative algorithms based on minimization of noise energy function (NEF)(More)
— In this paper the efficiency of code generated by a particular RAD systems will be examined and contrasted with other available systems. The functionality and performance of SMT6050, the new software module from Sundance, helping RAD systems target DSP will be fully discussed. are presented in details The paper also explains the parameters that a designer(More)
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