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Ethanol abuse can lead to addiction, brain damage and premature death. The cycle of alcohol addiction has been described as a composite consisting of three stages: intoxication, withdrawal and craving/abstinence. There is evidence for contributions of both genotype and sex to alcoholism, but an understanding of the biological underpinnings is limited.(More)
We derive estimators for the multiple lag process, a generalization of the lag process, via spectral representations of stationary processes by complex random spectral measures. We present estimators of transfer functions for the multiple lag model with a given vector of lags and derive a multiple-lag (quadratic) coherence which can be maximized to choose(More)
In increasingly competitive and globalized business environments, companies are aware of the necessity of expanding and operating their businesses in other world markets. Sports clubs have been entering into different world markets to increase their fan base and become international clubs. Entering into a foreign market has many merits but not without any(More)
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