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BACKGROUND Oxidative stress is one of the suggested mechanisms in major depression. OBJECTIVE To determine the oxidative and antioxidative status of plasma of patients with major depression and to investigate whether there is a relationship between the potency of oxidative stress and the severity of depression. METHODS To determine the antioxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Neurobrucellosis (NB) is a rare, but important complication of brucellosis. The clinical features vary greatly and, in general, tend to be chronic. Many laboratory procedures are usually employed in the diagnosis of NB. Even though the culture method is the gold standard, growth rate is low and time consuming. Thus the rate of sequelae and(More)
A psychiatric disorder would be associated with extensive, unsightly lesions on exposed body parts. Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) has long been endemic in Sanliurfa and is called 'beauty scar'. The aim of this study was to determine psychological impact of CL. Patients with active CL, with CL that had healed with scaring, and healthy controls were included(More)
UNLABELLED To evaluate central nervous system functioning involvement in nocturnal enuresis, P300 and N200 event-related brain potentials and brainstem auditory-evoked potentials (BAER) were assessed in a group of 35 enuretic boys aged 7-9 years. The measurements of enuretic group were compared to those of age and sex matched non-enuretics. P300 latency in(More)
Pica is considered as an eating-nutritional disorder in childhood and is generally analysed within obsessive-compulsive disorders. A 15-year-old female patient was admitted to the urology clinic with nausea, vomiting, and stomach-ache. A 23 x 23 mm opacity was identified in left T-11-12 level in direct urinary graph. Full abdomen ultrasonography was(More)
OBJECTIVE In our study, we aimed to evaluate the plasma homocysteine levels and oxidative stress parameters in patients with adult ADHD (A-ADHD). METHOD Blood samples were taken from 32 A-ADHD patients and 32 controls enrolled in the study and plasma homocysteine, serum folate, vitamin B12, total antioxidant status (TAS), total oxidant status (TOS), and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To develop a new, short, self-administrated subjective quality of life (QOL) instrument for Turkish people with skin diseases. PATIENTS AND METHODS The 11-item questionnaire of QOL instrument was developed from 200 consecutive dermatological patients' replies. The reliability and validity of the instrument was tested on data(More)
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