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 Although peripheral nerves are used as guides in attempts to enhance regeneration in the central nervous system (CNS), surprisingly little is known about the interface that develops between the host tissue and the transplanted or implanted peripheral nerve. This study examines host-nerve interfaces following transplantation of segments of sciatic nerve(More)
Schwann cells develop within the ventral gray matter following exposure of lumbosacral spinal cords to x-rays in early postnatal rats. These ventral gray matter Schwann cell aggregates occurred in about 40% of the animals 8 or more weeks following irradiation. Light microscopically these cells appeared to be apposed to somata of large motor neurons, raising(More)
This study examines a radiation-induced invasion and spread of Schwann cells into ventral gray regions of the lumbar spinal cord. The prevalence of these cells within the gray matter and the time course of their appearance in the ventral spinal cord is quite different from the pattern of Schwann cell development in dorsal spinal cord reported previously.(More)
Wireless sensor networks are used in different fields. One of the fields, where such sensors can be used is apiculture for honey bee (Apis Mellifera L.) monitoring (for example, temperature and humidity data acquisition). This paper introduces a wireless sensor network system for bee colonies online monitoring. The developed wireless system consists of(More)
Previous studies in this laboratory have documented that the microglial environment of the immature spinal cord is altered by exposure to ionizing radiation. As a result, the lumbosacral spinal cord is markedly depleted of both oligodendrocytes and astrocytes, while leaving axons and the overall cytoarchitecture intact. The status of the microglia in the(More)
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