Mahmut Ciftci

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Date approved by Chairman ii iii Acknowledgement First, I would like to thank my family for their love, support, and encouragements. Their continuous care has been indispensable throughout my Ph.D research. I am most grateful to my advisor, Dr. Monson Hayes III, for his guidance, interesting discussions, and helpful suggestions. I owe a great deal of my(More)
Many previously proposed communications systems based on chaos disregard common channel distortions and fail to work under realistic channel conditions. In this paper, optimal estimation and sequential channel equalization algorithms are proposed for chaotic communications systems where information is encoded using symbolic dynamics representations. For the(More)
In a multiuser chaotic communications scheme, each user's information is modulated with a chaotic system and then transmitted independently over a common communication channel. The receiver sees the superposition of the distorted transmitted signals with additive noise. In this paper, a novel channel equalization algorithm is proposed for multiuser chaotic(More)
In recent years, a variety of communications systems based on chaos and nonlinear dynamics have been proposed. However, most of these algorithms fail to work under realistic channel conditions. This paper presents a channel equalization scheme for chaotic communication systems based on a family of archetypal chaotic maps. The symbolic-dynamic representation(More)
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