Mahmudur Rahman Khan

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Flash Flood is a natural disaster that floods away large area where there are dense presence of rivers. Bangladesh is one such country where people face this sudden flood problem and loses valuable assets using manual water level monitoring. The challenge lies in the sudden increase of water level once the flood water is in. We are proposing a distributed(More)
This paper presents a simple yet efficient feature extraction algorithm for face recognition based on the principle of spectral domain cross-correlation. Instead of considering the spatial data of a face image as a whole, spectral feature is extracted from the each row of the spatial data individually. As each of these rows bears distinct characteristic of(More)
This paper describes the design of a self-sufficient system for lighting street lights using piezoelectric renewable energy source. In modern times, renewable energy sources are more desirable because of the lack of more direct sources of energy. In this project, we make use of piezoelectric materials to generate practically usable electricity from wasted(More)
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