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UNLABELLED Thalassemias are the most common genetic disorder on a wordwide basis. β-thalassemia is a severe hemolytic anemia which results from genetic defects in the synthesis of the hemoglobin β-chain. Various endocrine abnormalities have been described in patients with thalassemia major. Endocrine disturbances have also been observed in patients with(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The study was carried out to assess the relationship between nut consumption and lipid profile among Iranian adults. SUBJECT/METHODS The study was based on data from the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program across three counties in central Iran in 2007. A cross-sectional survey of 9660 randomly selected adults aged ≥ 19 years were chosen(More)
BACKGROUND Training methods that enhance nurses' learning and retention will increase the quality of patient care. This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of electronic learning and educational booklet on the nurses' retention of diabetes updates. METHODS In this controlled trial study, convenience sampling was used to select 123 nurses from the(More)
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