Mahmoud Zureik

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OBJECTIVE To assess whether the severity of asthma is associated with sensitisation to airborne moulds rather than to other seasonal or perennial allergens. DESIGN Multicentre epidemiological survey in 30 centres. SETTING European Community respiratory health survey. PARTICIPANTS 1132 adults aged 20-44 years with current asthma and with skin prick(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental data suggest that zinc, copper, and magnesium are involved in carcinogenesis and atherogenesis. Few longitudinal studies have related these minerals to cancer or cardiovascular disease mortality in a population. METHODS Data from the Paris Prospective Study 2, a cohort of 4035 men age 30-60 years at baseline, were used to assess(More)
RATIONALE Increased risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality has been related to both lung function impairment and metabolic syndrome. Data on the relationship between lung function and metabolic syndrome are sparse. OBJECTIVES To investigate risk for lung function impairment according to metabolic syndrome traits. METHODS This cross-sectional(More)
Recent studies have shown that individuals with shorter telomeres present a higher prevalence of arterial lesions and higher risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. As a group, patients with high blood pressure are at an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. However, some hypertensive patients are more prone than others to atherosclerotic lesions.(More)
BACKGROUND Elastic artery stiffness, a result of arterial aging, is an independent indicator of cardiovascular risk. The aim of the present longitudinal study was to compare the progression of aortic stiffness over a 6-year period in treated hypertensive subjects and normotensive subjects, and to evaluate the determinants of this progression. METHODS AND(More)
BACKGROUND A close relation between asthma and allergic rhinitis has been reported by several epidemiological and clinical studies. However, the nature of this relation remains unclear. We used the follow-up data from the European Community Respiratory Health Survey to investigate the onset of asthma in patients with allergic and non-allergic rhinitis(More)
The association of impaired pulmonary function with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality has been reported in several prospective studies. The nature of this association and the mechanisms underlying it are unknown. Both atherosclerosis and central arterial stiffness might be involved. We recently reported, in a 4-yr longitudinal study, that reduced lung(More)
OBJECTIVE Arterial mechanical properties are of growing interest in the understanding of cardiovascular disease development. We aimed to determine the predictive value of carotid wall mechanics on coronary heart disease (CHD) in the Three-City study. METHODS AND RESULTS At baseline, 3337 participants aged > or =65 years underwent a carotid B-mode(More)
Intima-media thickness (IMT) is increasingly used as a surrogate end point of vascular outcomes in clinical trials aimed at determining the success of interventions that lower risk factors for atherosclerosis and associated diseases (stroke, myocardial infarction and peripheral artery diseases). The necessity to promote further criteria to distinguish early(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In contrast to the young adult population, limited data are presently available regarding the epidemiology of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its relationship with cardiovascular disease risk in the elderly. We have investigated the frequency of the MetS and its association with the carotid artery structure in an elderly free-living(More)