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Traffic congestion on highways has increased dramatically in the last two decades. As more and more cars are put on the road each year, traffic congestion is becoming more complex and unpredictable than ever before as people try to avoid it by changing their schedules and routes. IntelliDriveSM is a suite of technologies and applications that use wireless(More)
Sensitivity Analysis (SA) is studying the impact of input changes (nature and magnitude) on outputs. Specifically, analysts and decision makers are typically interested in understanding how much output variation is produced, by varying the inputs of a system. The system in this case is a system dynamics computer model and the objective is to perform SA on(More)
Biologists have found that certain creatures like frogs, orchids, and shrimp change their gender. Some research is proposing that species somehow know there is a gender imbalance and adjust the gender ratio accordingly. The mechanism in which the species change gender is unknown. Some scientists are suggesting that hormones are released which causes one(More)
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