Mahmoud Shahrokhi

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This paper proposes a new method to address a three-dimensional concurrent engineering (3D-CE) approach. It uses a Multi-Objective Linear Programming (MOLP) model integrated to the TOPSIS method in order to determine the best configuration product design, assembly process and suppliers of components. This method is able to involve various supply chain(More)
In most quality control applications, the errors generated from measurement system can adversely affect the ability of control charts in detecting out-of-control conditions. In this paper, the effect of measurement error with linearly increasing-type variance on the performance of maximum exponentially weighted moving average and mean-squared deviation(More)
In recent years virtual reality techniques have been widely used to design industrial systems. Naturally risk assessment and risk visualisation can be one of the most useful applications of these techniques. However traditional risk analysis approaches are not appropriate for the presentation of dangers in virtual environments. Also there are operational(More)
This paper will present the main topics of our team. The IVGI Team (French acronym for Virtual Engineering for Industrial Engineering) defines methods for the integration of several models in the system-design process. The focus is on the integration of cost factors and human factors based on a FBS-PPR model designed to capture enterprise knowledge. For(More)
This paper reviews the theoretical bases of the barrier modelling analysis, and introduces a novel approach for considering the barrier effects on the probability of the events through the event tree analysis. A structure for modelling barrier sets is developed. Using the techniques of the reliability analysis, an approach for calculating the effects of the(More)
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