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Data race is one of the most dangerous errors in multi-threaded programming, and despite intensive studies, it remains a notorious cause of failures in concurrent systems. Detecting data races is already a hard problem, and yet it is even harder for a programmer to decide whether or how a reported data race can appear in the actual program execution. In(More)
Ability to replay a program's execution on a multi-processor system can significantly help parallel programming. To replay a shared-memory multi-threaded program, existing solutions record its <i>program input</i> (I/O, DMA, etc.) and the <i>shared-memory dependencies</i> between threads. Prior processor based record-and-replay solutions are efficient, but(More)
Ability to record and replay an execution can significantly help programmers debug their programs, especially parallel programs. De-terministically replaying a multiprocessor's execution under a relaxed memory model has remained a challenging problem. This is an important problem as most modern processors only support a relaxed memory model to enable many(More)
Background: The assessment of tumor invasion of underlying benign stroma in neoplastic squamous proliferation of the larynx may pose a diagnostic challenge, particularly in small biopsy specimens that are frequently tangentially sectioned. We studied whether thresholds of an eosinophilic response to laryngeal squamous neoplasms provides an adjunctive(More)
Crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum L. Gaertn.) is a perennial species of economic importance as forage that also displays potentially valuable traits for wheat improvement trough intergeneric hybridization. In order to incorporate resistance genes from A. cristatum against wheat leaf rust (Puccinia triticina Erikss.) into common wheat (Triticum(More)
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