Mahmoud S. Awadallah

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The importance of finding efficient ways of quantifying terrestrial carbon stocks at a global scale has increased due to the concerns about global climate change. Exchange of carbon between forests and the atmosphere is a vital component of the global carbon cycle (Nelson et al. 2003). Recent advances in remote sensing technology have facilitated rapid and(More)
  • M S Awadallah
  • Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue…
  • 2006
Cancer, a disease people avoid talking about, is the second leading cause of death in Bahrain. The Bahrain Cancer Society established a support group in 1993 with the goals of helping patients and their families cope with this disease and increasing public awareness concerning early detection. Services provided by the group include a weekly 2-hour session(More)
This paper is concerned with the segmentation of noisy point clouds. The ability to partition a set of points into meaningful subsets is of broad interest, spanning such diverse fields as perceptual grouping and remote sensing. We present an approach that is based on projecting the point cloud onto a 2D image grid and applying active contour models(More)
Reliable global estimates of forest biomass and its dynamics are critically important for understanding the global carbon cycle and its dynamics (e.g., Bellassen et al. 2011). Many studies have been published regarding the estimation of above-ground biomass using airborne or satellite analog lidar systems (e.g., Nelson et al. 1988; Naesset 2002; Drake et(More)
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