Mahmoud Rokaya

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The current investigation was carried out to evaluate and characterize the effects of Ramadan fasting and the possible influence of anti-oxidants supplementation with vitamin E on parameters of renal function and oxidative stress in patients with diabetes mellitus. Two study groups of 20 subjects each (n = 20) having an average age of 50 ± 5 years were(More)
The space-time neutron diffusion equations with multi-group of delayed neutrons are a couple of the stiff nonlinear partial differential equations. The finite difference method is used to reduce the partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. This ordinary differential equations are rewritten in a matrix form. The general solution(More)
Today the internet and WWW had caused an information explosion. Readers have no time to explore lengthy documents and passages. Text summarization is the process of getting a shorter version of a document that have the main points and important information contained in the original document. When this is done by means of a computer, i. e. automatically, it(More)
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