Mahmoud Reza Saybani

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health problem, which has been ranked as the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease worldwide. Diagnosis based on cultured specimens is the reference standard, however results take weeks to process. Scientists are looking for early detection strategies, which remain the cornerstone of(More)
Today, analyzing the user’s behavior has gained wide importance in the data mining community. Typically, the behavior of a user is defined as a time series of his or her activities. In this paper, users are clustered based upon time series extracted from their behavior during the interaction with given system. Although there are several different techniques(More)
Support vector machine has been explored and many applications found within various research areas and application domains. Many support vector machine techniques have been specifically developed for certain application domains. This paper is an attempt to provide an overview on applications of support vector machines within the oil refineries to the(More)
This article handles one of critical steps of data mining, which is data collection. It will show how the researcher could get access to the valuable data of a refinery. And it explains the procedures of refining criteria for data collection. It also briefly explains the oil refining procedures to make the concept of data gathering at the refinery easier to(More)
Like all manufacturing companies, refineries use many sensors to monitor and control the process of refining, therefore it is very crucial to detect any sensor faults or anomalies as early as possible, and to be able to replace or repair a sensor well in advance of any fault. Objective of this paper is to present a method for detecting anomalies in a sensor(More)
Data in various systems, such as those in finance, healthcare, and business, are stored as time series. As such, interest in time series mining in these areas has surged. Clustering of data is performed as a pre-processing or exploratory approach in many data mining tasks. Time series data sets are often very large, thus, data cannot fit in the main memory(More)
Clustering data streams attracted many researchers since the applications that generate data streams have become more popular. Several clustering algorithms have been introduced for data streams based on distance which are incompetent to find clusters of arbitrary shapes and cannot handle the outliers. Density-based clustering algorithms are remarkable not(More)
Refineries rely heavily on the sensor data, decisions making in critical situation when a sensor failure happens is therefore essential. This paper proposes a method of predicting sensor values based on its historical data captured as time series. Main forecasting techniques such as linear regression, moving average, autoregressive integrated moving(More)
Tuberculosis is a major global health problem that has been ranked as the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease worldwide, after the human immunodeficiency virus. Diagnosis based on cultured specimens is the reference standard; however, results take weeks to obtain. Slow and insensitive diagnostic methods hampered the global control of(More)