Mahmoud Reza Gohari

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OBJECTIVE To examine the association between dietary patterns and obesity indices (BMI, WC, WHR) among Tehranian adults in a 6-year follow-up study. METHODS Within frame of a cohort study in Tehran (mean follow up 6.6+/-0.9 years), 141 adults were recruited with: two 24 hour dietary recalls at the beginning, as well as obesity indices at the beginning and(More)
Low frequency noise (LFN) as background noise in urban and work environments is emitted from many artificial sources such as road vehicles, aircraft, and air movement machinery including wind turbines, compressors, and ventilation or air conditioning units. In addition to objective effects, LFN could also cause noise annoyance and influence mental(More)
Personal Health Record (PHR) enables patients to access their health information and improves care quality by supporting self-care. The purpose of this study is to provide a comparative analysis of the concept of PHRs in selected countries and Iran in order to investigate the gaps between Iran and more advanced countries in terms of PHRs. The study was(More)
BACKGROUND There are different methods to assess forward head posture (FHP) but the accuracy and discrimination ability of these methods are not clear. OBJECTIVES Here, we want to compare three postural angles for FHP assessment and also study the discrimination accuracy of three photogrammetric methods to differentiate groups categorized based on(More)
One of the main problems in the efficiency and efficacy of an organization is its structural issue. Organizational culture is also considered as an effective factor in the performance of many organizations. The main goal of the present study was to determine the relationship of Centralization and organizational culture and performance indexes in Teaching(More)
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