Mahmoud Pirhadi

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In this paper we introduce a next generation network (NGN) pilot which was designed and implemented in Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC). Four vendors have participated in pilot competition. Pilot has been directed using a predefined test strategy and its main goal is evaluation of NGN services to be implemented in Iran. One of the major services to be(More)
In this paper we describe design and implementation of a next generation network (NGN) pilot which is a testbed used to test different services, features, protocols, etc that can be delivered or used in NGN. This Pilot is considered as a part of Iran telecommunications 5-year master plan which is going to migrate to NGN networks. The process of implementing(More)
In this paper we propose two new scenarios for two IN services when migrating from public switched telephone network, PSTN toward next generation network, NGN. Next generation network is one of the promising networks in near future. Because of huge amount of investment on PSTN, the migration towards NGN implementation would be instant step by step and(More)
This paper examines the call set-up delay (CSD), a performance parameter that may be used in specifying, measuring, and comparing the speed of call set-up processing in networks that employ the session initiation protocol (SIP), in establishing and terminating media sessions (calls) between users. One of the most important standardized technologies that use(More)
Telecommunication networks are inevitably subject to a great migration from what they are now to what is a converged network in which various services with different or even contrast entities are delivered in an integrated way. Next generation network (NGN) is a manifest example of such networks. Examining and evaluating a new networking technology is a(More)
In this paper we propose a test methodology for testing broadband services which can be delivered in next generation networks (NGN). This methodology has different capabilities in order to precisely test diverse functionalities and specifications of broadband equipment while measuring their performance. This solution contains a master methodology according(More)
In this paper, we present a test methodology for PSTN emulation and simulation services in order to test capabilities and features of next generation networks (NGN) elements. The main purpose of these tests is evaluation of vendorspsila equipment in single and multi-vendor environments in conjunction with the legacy PSTN network. The methodology consists of(More)
In this paper the test methodology has been expanded for evaluation of DSL broadband services. This is a new strategy for testing and considering different aspects of test. This strategy can precisely test various features of DSL broadband equipment and services which can be delivered by them in terms of different aspects of testing such as functionality,(More)
Resource and admission control function (RACF) is the main part of resource management architecture in next generation networks (NGN). In this paper we analyze the effect of different resource control schemes in RACF architecture on some network performance parameters and show that a dynamic policy for scheme selection will outperform the static one. The(More)
In this paper we have introduced a testbed for interoperability basic call tests in next generation networks (NGN). This testbed can be used for two different solutions, one solution is used for evaluation of call servers interoperability and the other for evaluation of interoperability between the call server of a vendor and NGN equipments of the other(More)