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The present paper gives an insight into the process of developing the metamodel of OntoREM, an ontology-driven requirements engineering methodology, which is currently being developed at the University of the West of England in close cooperation with Airbus. The approach suggested by Noy and McGuinness (2000) has been followed to build a first version of(More)
Using BPMSOA, both structural and informational contexts of a business process model can be incorporated in its translated pi-ADL script. However, this pi-ADL based executable script of business process still lacks the behavioural context for specific process activities. In order to acquire this behavioural functionality from grid utility services, a new(More)
This paper reports on the development of a framework to assist users in formulating relational queries without requiring a complete knowledge of the information structure and access mechanisms to underlying data sources. The emphasis here is on exploiting the semantic relationships and assertion capabilities of OWL ontologies to assist clinicians in writing(More)
The integration of advanced technologies within education has frequently enhanced teaching. In higher education it is not a surprise that using the latest developments in cloud computing improves learning practices and thus ensures they are more interactive, available, and convenient. The ease of integration, collaboration, and sharing of information and(More)
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