Mahmoud Obaid

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Beta-thalassaemia major is associated with low bone mass and fractures. We conducted a 2 year randomized controlled trial of zoledronic acid 4 mg administered intravenously every 3 months or placebo in the treatment of β-thalassaemia-associated osteopenla. We recruited 23 subjects from 2 university hospitals with a T score of less than −1.0 at either the(More)
INTRODUCTION Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is indispensable in everyday surgical practice. Despite this, as an invasive procedure, it has its own mortality and morbidity, the most feared of which is periduodenal perforations. Our experience with ERCP related periduodenal perforations and its treatment strategies are presented.(More)
Pancreatic pseudocysts are the most common cystic lesions of the pancreas and may complicate acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, or pancreatic trauma. While the majority of acute pseudocysts resolve spontaneously, few may require drainage. On the other hand, pancreatic cystic tumors, which usually require extirpation, may disguise as pseudocysts.(More)
Malaria is endemic in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including Saudi Arabia. The infection has serious consequences in those residing in non endemic regions on travelling to endemic areas, due to lack of immunity to the parasite. In this report, we describe the clinical course of two patients who travelled to a malaria endemic area.(More)
The authors have treated 50 cases of non specific spondylitis in adults and reviewed the clinical signs and diagnostic problems in this condition. They advocate a systematic surgical approach to the focus. This allows identification of the organism unless the patient has previously received antibiotics. Even then, a direct approach allows histological(More)
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