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Model composition is a crucial activity in Model Driven Engineering (MDE). It is particularly useful when adopting a multi-modeling approach to analyze and design software systems. In previous works, we defined a view-based UML profile called VUML. In this paper, we describe a composition process and a MDE-based framework, which contains a generic(More)
This paper presents an approach based on multiviews components, in the context of an UML profile called VUML. In VUML, a multiviews component is an extension of the UML 2.0 one, offering multiviews interfaces (required and/or provided). A multiviews interface is a particular case of interface whose definition and behaviour depend on run-time active view. A(More)
This paper aims to present an UML profile based on multiviews components. A multiviews component allows to encapsulate and deliver information according to the user' s point of view and offers mechanisms to manage the dynamic evolution of viewpoints and consistency among views. In this paper, we first present the notion of multiviews component and its(More)
BACKGROUND Myrtus species are characterized by the presence of phenolic acids, flavonoids, tannins, volatile oils and fatty acids. They are remedies for variety of ailments. This study therefore investigated medicinal effects of Myrtus communis L. METHODS Bioactivity studies of Myrtus communis L. leaves were carried out on volatile oil, 7% methanol and(More)
Vers une approche à base de règles pour la composition de modèles. Application au profil VUML. ABSTRACT. Viewpoint-oriented modelling allows to model separately the needs of actors interacting with the system to study. This approach was applied in the VUML profile developed in our team. In the process associated to VUML, several design models have to be(More)