Mahmoud Nasreldin

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Broadband wireless access security becomes more complicated when wireless devices are added to the network. Threats are ranked according to the level of risk they present. Authentication in WiMax (IEEE 802.16) will be examined using different protocols. This paper reflects to most recent work of the IEEE and WiMax forums and it can be used to prioritize(More)
The new cloud computing concept delivers an adaptable service to many users. This is due to the fact that cloud computing offers an economic solution based on pay-per use idea. At the same time, digital forensics is a relatively new discipline born out due to the growing use of computing and digital solution. Digital forensics in cloud computing brings new(More)
This paper presents WiMAX physical layer threats jamming and scrambling. The performance of the system was found out to greatly differ with the use of different jamming signals, allowing central areas to be identified, where system development should be focused on. In addition, from the basic theory point of view, rather surprising results where also found.(More)
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