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BACKGROUND Acute myocardial infarction (MI) is death or necrosis of myocardial cells due to lack of blood supply. One of the causes may be thrombosis resulting from inherited resistance to activated protein C caused by the factor V Leiden (FVL) mutation. OBJECTIVES To check for the presence of FVL mutation among Egyptian cases with MI compared to normal(More)
In vielen Indikationen hat die Marknagelung in ungebohrter Technik die in gebohrter Technik wieder verdrängt. Diese Entwicklung wird anhand von 2 Kollektiven nachgezeichnet, und das resultierende Behandlungskonzept für Unterschenkelfrakturen mit „Nagelindikation“ wird vorgestellt. In der 2. Einführungsphase des Implantats an der Abteilung Unfallchirurgie,(More)
A Chlorella sp. was cultivated in a photobioreactor under different experimental conditions to investigate its acclimation to high-CO2 exposures. When the microalgae was grown under controlled flue gas sparging and optimised nutrients, the biomass concentration increased to 3.415±0.145gL-1 and the maximum protein yield was obtained (57.500±0.351% ww-1).(More)
Biohydrogen production from starch wastewater industry via up-flow anaerobic staged reactor (UASR) was investigated. The reactor was operated at a hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 0.28 d, and different food to microorganisms ratios Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with a three layers feed-forward back-propagation (3-8-4-1) was developed to predict the(More)
Agricultural drainage water could be a source of water for irrigation in Egypt. A case study of an agricultural drainage water near El-Dare region – and median a performance evaluation for this agricultural drainage water resource performed. In Egypt, Water quality standards have been developed governing the treatment of agricultural drainage water. The(More)
Biomass of Oryza sativa (OS) was tested for the removal of Cd(II) ions from synthetic and real wastewater samples. Batch experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of operating parameters on Cd(II) biosorption. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy were used to examine the(More)
Batch dark fermentation experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of initial pH, substrate-to-biomass (S/X) ratio, and concentrations of Fe2+ and magnetite nanoparticles on biohydrogen production from sugarcane bagasse (SCB) hydrolysate. By applying the response surface methodology, the optimum condition of steam-acid hydrolysis was 0.64% (v/v)(More)
Rezidivierende blutige Gelenkergüsse werden als Folge von Operationen an den Kreuzbändern beschrieben. Ursache ist meist die anisometrische Fixation der Bänder, die zu Einrissen in die Synovia führt. Wir berichten über den Fall eines Patienten, der über Jahre hinweg, trotz intensiver radiologischer und arthroskopischer Diagnostik an blutigen Gelenkergüssen(More)
Zusammenfassung Der Knochenbruch des Kindes unterscheidet sich von der Fraktur des Erwachsenen insofern, als bei Kindern der Knochen nicht nur als statisches Skelettelement, sondern auch als Wachstumsorgan betroffen ist. Für die Therapieplanung bei kindlichen Frakturen sind aus diesem Grund 1. Kenntnisse über die Wachstumsphänomene am kindlichen Skelett, 2.(More)