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In this paper we describe a deep learning system that has been built for SemEval 2016 Task4 (Subtask A and B). In this work we trained a Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) neural network model on top of two sets of word embeddings: (a) general word embed-dings generated from unsupervised neural language model; and (b) task specific word em-beddings generated from(More)
Keyphrases extraction has a considerable importance in many applications such as search engine optimization, clustering, summarization, and sentiment analysis. The importance of keyphrases comes from the semantic meaning they provide as they can be used as descriptors for the documents. In this paper we compare four approaches for extracting keyphrases from(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are the type of networks that are currently used in many applications. Some of these applications are critical and their information is very sensitive e.g. battle field and health care monitoring. Any transferred data has to be known from where it comes. In other words, most of the WSNs applications depend mainly on the(More)
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