Mahmoud Mohamed El-Khouly

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This paper presents an agent-based tutoring system (I-ATCL) in presence of agent and internet technology. The I-ATCL system consists of two agents; a personal assistant agent for teachers (PAA-T) and a personal assistant agent for students (PAA-S). The PAA-S resides on the client side and communicates via IIOP with the PAA-T on the server side. This(More)
—Antivirus software is one of the most widely used tools for detecting and stopping malicious and unwanted files. However, the long term effect of traditional host based antivirus is questionable. Antivirus software fails to detect many modern threats and its increasing complexity has resulted in vulnerabilities that are being exploited by malware. This(More)
This paper presents an Expert tutoring system (E-TCL) for teaching computer programming languages through WWW. In this version, many teachers can cooperate together to put the curriculum of one/more computer programming language(s). Their contributions may include: (a) add or modify the commands' structure that will be taught; (b) generate different(More)
The complexity of an incredibly huge, dynamic, unpredictable, and heterogeneous environment as the WWW continues to grow rapidly. This paper focuses on the design of a clustering search agent which can help users to collects web pages from search engines such as Yahoo and Google, then analyses their content and clustering it. The proposed search agent is(More)
The great development of computer technologies and the Internet have made duplication and distribution of digital information simpler. This leads to a need for effective copyright protection tools. Watermarking database system is considered a vital technique for copyright protection of database systems. In this paper the proposed system is a robust(More)
This paper presents web-based tutoring system (W-TCL) for teaching computer programming languages through WWW. In this version, two new features have been added: blackboard module and adaptive interface. With blackboard module a teacher can exchange his expertise with other teachers, and with adaptive interface the novice student will be satisfied because(More)
The government of Egypt has devoted substantial resources to the area of educational technology in recent years. In order to provide the growing population of Egypt with quality, accessible, and numerous educational opportunities, both the government and the private sector are willing to develop alternative programs and delivering methods. The Internet is(More)
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