Mahmoud Miri

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The enhanced weighted simulation-based design method in conjunction with particle swarm optimization (PSO) is developed as a pseudo double-loop algorithm for accurate reliability-based design optimization (RBDO). According to this hybrid method, generated samples of weighed simulation method (WSM) are considered as initial population of the PSO. The(More)
In real world application of structural reliability analysis some random variables contains two types of random and epistemic uncertainty, while in classic methods of structural reliability only the random uncertainty is considered completely. Therefore in order to have a reliable estimation of structural safety, random variables should cover both random(More)
Because of architectural condition and structure application, sometimes mass source and stiffness source are not coincidence, and the structure is irregular. The structure is also might be asymmetric as an asymmetric bracing in plan which leads to unbalance distribution of stiffness or because of unbalance distribution of the mass. Both condition lead to(More)
Space mapping is a powerful technique to optimize such complex models by efficiently substituting accurate but expensive electromagnetic models, fine models, with fast and approximate models, coarse models. In this paper, we apply space mapping, an explicit space mapping techniques to Design, a microstrip passband filter. The filter configuration is made of(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm is introduced for reliability analysis of structures using response surface method based on a group method of data handling-type neural networks with general structure (GS-GMDH-type NN). A multilayer network of quadratic neurons, GMDH, offers an effective solution to modeling nonlinear systems without an explicit limit state(More)
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