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Cryptographic hash function has been used extensively in many cryptographic protocols. Many of the hash functions generate the message digest thru a randomizing process of the original message. Subsequently a chaos system also generates random behavior, but at the same time a chaos system is completely deterministic. In this paper, we propose a new hash(More)
Computer Based Assessment (CBA) is being a very popular method to evaluate students' performance at the university level. This research aims to examine the constructs that affect students' intention to use the CBA. The proposed model is based on previous technology models such as were collected using a survey questionnaire from 546 participants who had used(More)
This empirical study focused on investigating the perceived trust surrogated by a number of hypothesized factors and its effect on the choice of method of payment. The data were collected using a questionnaire, as the instrument for the primary data collection, with total collected back responses of 214 from customers of MarkaVIP. Structural equation(More)
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