Mahmoud M. Nour

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Hemodynamic results after valve replacement surgery are well documented, but there are few follow-up studies on pulmonary function. Pulmonary function and hemodynamic studies were made, preoperatively, in 149 patients with predominant, mitral, aortic or combined mitral and aortic stenosis. A sequential postoperative follow-up of the pulmonary function was(More)
This paper presents estimates of inequality and absolute poverty in Egypt for 1997. The measurement of these welfare indices is robust to sample design effects and corrects for spatial variation in price levels. Standard errors for inequality indices are calculated using a bootstrap approach which replicates the sample design. Standard errors for poverty(More)
Lung function was studied in 24 patients with advanced mitral stenosis scheduled for mitral valve replacement (MVR), and revealed an obstructive ventilatory pattern. Forty per cent of the patients had a forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1)<60% of that predicted in the preoperative period. Twenty-five per cent of those operated upon showed a similar(More)
This study explored the perceptions of hospital unit secretaries regarding computer usage. Specifically, six attitudinal variables: performance, resistance, interpersonal relations, satisfaction, challenge, and work overload were examined. The study had two major findings: (1) hospital unit secretaries have positive perceptions of job performance,(More)
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