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BACKGROUND Microdeletions within chromosome 15q13.3 are associated both with a recently recognised syndrome of mental retardation, seizures, and dysmorphic features, and with schizophrenia. METHODS AND RESULTS Based on routine diagnostic testing of approximately 8200 samples using array comparative genomic hybridisation, we identified 20 individuals (14(More)
<para> In this letter, we addressed the problem of estimating the time delay and the frequencies of noisy sinusoidal signals received at two spatially separated sensors. We employ the Propagator Method (PM) in conjunction with the well-known MUSIC/root-MUSIC algorithm; the proposed method would generate estimates of the unknown parameters. Such estimates(More)
— In this paper, the multipath time delay estimation (TDE) problem for a slow frequency hopping (SFH) system using Rank Revealing QR Factorization method (RRQR) is considered. It gives precious information about numerical rank and null space. By applying the RRQR in association with the well-known MUSIC algorithm we achieved a highly efficient estimator.(More)
In this paper, the multi-path time delay estimation problem for a Slow Frequency Hopping (SFH) system using the Propagator Method (PM) is considered. Two novel techniques are proposed. The first technique is developed by applying the Propagator Method (PM) in association with the well-known MUSIC algorithm. Based on the proposed technique a highly efficient(More)
Estimating the channel state information (CSI) of several transmitters that use orthogonal space-time block codes (OSTBC) to communicate with a single receiver is considered. Based on Rank Revealing QR (RRQR) factorization and Propagator method (PM), two new algorithms to estimate multiuser MIMO channels are proposed. The algorithm estimates the subspace(More)
Power control is a crucial concern in cognitive radio networks where secondary users compete to access spectrum of primary users. However, most existing studies in this space have only looked at the interactions between secondary users, without considering the impact of primary user behaviors. Along these lines, this study proposes a novel realistic(More)
Note that thesis and dissertation work is protected by copyright, with all rights reserved. Only the author has the legal right to publish, produce, sell, or distribute this work. Author permission is needed for others to directly quote significant amounts of information in their own work or to summarize substantial amounts of information in their own work.(More)
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