Mahmoud Keshavarzi

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In an electronic warfare environment, an electronic support system receives signals emitted by different radars. One of the key tasks in an electronic support system is detection of Pulse Repetition Interval Modulation for these signals. In this paper we present a new robust and yet simple method for detection of complex PRI Modulation. Simulation results(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to detect generalized-roughness bearing faults via motor voltage monitoring which has not been studied in the literature yet. The proposed method detects the bearing faults using analysis of instantaneous frequency of voltage signals. Our proposed method is superior to previous ones in a number of aspects. First, obtaining(More)
Some sources transmit periodic and quasi periodic sparse pulse trains in the environment and a number of sensors might receive them through a single channel simultaneously. It is usually our interest to know which pulse belongs to which source. This identification process has wide applications in communications, radar system, medical applications, and(More)
Some periodic and quasi-periodic pulse trains are emitted by different sources in the environment and a number of sensors receive them through a single channel simultaneously. We are often interested in separating these pulse trains for source identification at sensors. This identification process is termed as deinterleaving pulse trains. Deinterleaving(More)
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