Mahmoud Kamarei

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A simple numerical method is developed for the determination of the transient response of lossy transmission lines with a general impedance loading to a general voltage excitation. First, the transient response of the lossless transmission line with a load impedance to a voltage excitation is formulated. The steady state response of the line is then derived(More)
A low-power high linearity CMOS G<sub>m</sub>-C channel select filter for WLAN/WiMAX receivers in 90-nm CMOS technology is presented. To reduce power consumption a biquad cell with simple architecture is used. A simple but efficient technique is also proposed to improve the linearity of the filter without increasing its power consumption. Coarse and fine(More)
A new analysis of a class E power amplifier is presented and a fully analytic design approach is developed. Using our analysis, all of the circuit currents and voltages and, hence, the power dissipation in each component is calculated as a function of a key design parameter, denoted by <i>x</i>. This parameter is the ratio of the resonance frequency of the(More)
Fingerprint image enhancement is aimed at improving the quality of local features for automatic fingerprint identification. It will allow accurate feature extraction and identification. In this paper, we have considered the use of wavelets for fingerprint enhancement mainly due to their spatial localization property as well as capability to use oriented(More)
Inductor design is an important issue in millimeter-wave CMOS circuits. In these frequencies the required inductance is very small and hence special structure is required for inductors. The quality factor is the most important design parameter for these inductors, especially in CMOS process. To incorporate these inductors in circuit simulation, a simple(More)
This paper addresses the design and measurement results of two high frequency signal sources implemented in SiGe HBT technology. The 367 GHz signal source achieves a phase noise of -110 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz offset from the carrier and provides better than -8 dBm of output power. The 154 GHz signal source achieves a phase noise of -87 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from(More)
Multifunction phased array radars have the potential of directing the electromagnetic radar beam without mechanically adjusting the antenna. Furthermore, the beam can be redirected instantaneously towards any location in space. Instantaneous, adaptive beam pointing enables the combination of functions such as tracking, surveillance, and weapon guidance each(More)
This paper proposes a range-free localization scheme for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UW-ASNs) that uses an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) equipped with a directional transceiver. In this scheme, AUV transmits its current position as it moves over sensors deployment area. Consequently each sensor node receives some signals. By measuring the(More)
Distributed effects may appear in active devices in mm-wave CMOS integrated design. In this paper we have analyzed the distributed effects in the intrinsic MOS transistor. Non-quasi static effect has been reviewed and its importance in mm-wave band has been demonstrated by simulations in the foundry design kit for STMicroelectronics 90nm CMOS technology.(More)