Mahmoud Kalbasi

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Chemical treatment of animal manure with Al, Fe, and Ca salts appears capable of concentrating P in a smaller volume, thereby providing increased manure management options. However, little information is available on the fate of nutrients in soils receiving chemically treated manure. An incubation study (1 d to 2 yr) was conducted with three soils (Soils I,(More)
In situ remediation of lead (Pb)-contaminated soils via phosphate amendments has been extensively used to immobilize Pb as pyromorphite. However, in phosphorus (P) deficient soils, plants may develop extensive root systems to access P in any P-containing minerals, thereby affecting the stability of Pb5 (PO4)3Cl (Chloropyromorphite; CP). We grew Brassica(More)
Sorption isotherms have been widely used to assess the heavy metal retention characteristics of soil particles. Desorption behavior of the retained metals, however, usually differ from that of sorption, leading to a lack of coincidence in the experimentally obtained sorption and desorption isotherms. In this study, we examine the nonsingularity of cadmium(More)
Adsorption of orthophosphate anions in aqueous solution by cationized milled solid wood residues was characterized as a function of sorbate-to-sorbent ratio (approximately equal to 0.001-2.58 mmol of P/g substrate), pH (3-9), ionic strength, I (no I control; 0.001 and 0.01 M NaCl), reaction time (4 min to 24 h), and in the presence of other competing anions(More)
Sorption hysteresis in natural sorbents has important environmental implications for pollutant transport and bioavailability. We examined sorption reversibility of Cd(II) and Pb(II) on zeolite and bentonite. Sorption isotherms were derived by sorption of Cd(II) and Pb(II) from solutions containing a range of the metal concentrations corresponding to 10-100%(More)
Hexavalent chromium is a mutagen and carcinogen that is of significant concern in water and wastewater. In the present study, magnetite nanoparticles (n-Mag) were investigated as a potential remediation technology for the decontamination of Cr (VI)-contaminated wastewater. Synthesized n-Mag was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron(More)
Aquatic plants can absorb nutrients and heavy metals from soil and sewage sludge. In this study, the capability of three aquatic plant species, Typha latifolia ،Phragmites australis, has been investigated in respect of lead absorption from sewage sludge in a hot and dry climate of Dezful. Each of the two plant species was cultured in systems; also some(More)
Long-term application of fertilizers containing P, especially organic fertilizers, usually increases the water soluble and available P of soil and at the same time may result in P accumulation in soil. Organic fertilizers may also increase movement of P in the soil profile that could result in surface and ground water pollution. An experiment was conducted(More)
The kinetics of phosphorus (P) desorption in soils is important from plant nutrition and environmental perspectives. An experiment was conducted on the field plots that received 100 t ha of solid dairy manure 1 (DM), sewage sludge (SS), or urban solid waste compost (UC) and one rate of chemical fertilizer (CF) for 1, 3 or 5 consecutive years to investigate(More)
In thermal tissue ablation, it is very important to control the increase in the temperature for having an efficient ablation therapy. We conducted this study to determine the efficacy of measuring pixel shift of ultrasound B-mode images as a function of change in tissue temperature. By fixing some micro thermocouples in liver tissues, temperature at(More)
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