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— Reasoning in the presence of imprecision and vague-ness is inevitable in many real-world applications including those in robotics and intelligent agents. Although, reasoning about actions is a major component in these real-world applications, current actions languages for reasoning about actions lack the ability to represent and reason about actions in(More)
In this paper the class of BL-GARCH (Bilinear General AutoregRessive Conditional Heteroskedasticity) models is introduced. The proposed model is a modification to the BL-GARCH model proposed by Storti and Vitale (2003). Stationary conditions and autocorrelation structure for special cases of these new models are derived. Maximum likelihood estimation of the(More)
Egyptian Rough Sets Working Group htm. group-working-sets-rough / ABO / kw. edu. cba. The Egyptian Rough Computing Journal (ERCJ) is biannual and refereed journal published by the Egyptian rough sets working group. This journal provides a forum for the research and development in the fields of rough sets and their applications. It will publish in electroinc(More)
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