Mahmoud Fathy

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Automatic analysis of human motion includes initialisation, tracking, pose recovery and activity recognition. In this paper, a computing framework is developed to automatically analyse human motions through uncalibrated monocular video sequences. A model-based kinematics approach is proposed for human gait tracking. Based on the tracking results, 3D human(More)
The detection of edges in images is a vital operation with applications in various fields. There are a number of methods developed already for the same. We have developed a 'global method' for extraction of edges which is a modification of the existing Sobel operator. We have first extracted the bit planes of each image and have applied the Sobel(More)
In this paper a new path computation algorithm in Traffic Engineering in MPLS networks for reducing blocking probability of requests is proposed which is an improvement of TE-DB algorithm. The TE-DB is one of best path computation algorithm which is proposed in literatures. The Algorithm deploys multiple path routing and distributes the load more balanced n(More)
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