Mahmoud Farzan

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The management of early-stage osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) remains challenging. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of core decompression and concentrated bone marrow implantation on ONFH. The study recruited 28 hips with early ONFH randomly assigned into two groups of core decompression with (group A) and without (group B) bone marrow(More)
Tumoral calcinosis (TC) is a rare problem that can be idiopathic (primary) or secondary to other diseases, particularly end-stage renal disease. Although these 2 types of TC do not differ in their radiologic and histopathologic presentations, their treatment modalities may be changed on the basis of etiology. Surgical resection of the calcified mass is the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of continuous local injection of risedronate in the prevention of bone resorption in a lengthened segment. METHODS 11 male rabbits underwent subperiosteal osteotomy of the left tibia and an external fixator was applied anteromedially. After a lag phase of one week, a 2-week distraction phase and a 5-week consolidation phase(More)
BACKGROUND Tumors involving the hand skeleton are rare. However, a basic knowledge of hand tumors is necessary for every clinician. This is due to the importance of distinguishing typical benign tumors from life or limb threatening malignant ones. METHODS This study is a review of 99 cases of osseous hand tumors presented to the department of orthopedic(More)
Background: Supracondylar elbow fracture (SCEF) is the most common fracture in the elbow region in children. Considering its high prevalence and the potential complications, proper management of this condition is paramount. Objectives: The aim of this paper is to report the results of an assessment of timing for SCEF surgery and the prevalence of related(More)
Ten male patients with McGowan's grade III ulnar neuropathy due to traumatic cubitus valgus deformity underwent anterior subcutaneous ulnar transposition. Evaluation was performed using subjective and objective measures, and a modified Bishop score. After operation, subjective sensory and motor disturbances were improved or resolved in most of the patients,(More)
Neuropathic arthropathy (NA), or Charcot joint, is a chronic and progressive degenerative arthropathy associated with an underlying neurologic disorder. NA of the elbow is a rare entity, with few cases reported in the literature. We report the cases of 2 patients with NA of the elbow. In case 1, the probable etiology was an intramedullary lesion, most(More)
Repeated intra-articular bleeding with subsequent development of chronic synovitis and cartilage changes, leading to haemophilic arthropathy, is one the most debilitating problems in haemophilic patients. Radiosynovectomy is a familiar therapeutic choice in management of chronic synovitis in haemophilia. We report the treatments results of synoviorthesis(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the idiopathic congenital clubfoot deformity treated by Ponseti method to determine the different factors such as radiological investigations that may have relations with the risk of failure and recurrence in mid-term follow-up of the patients. METHODS Since 2006 to 2011, 226 feet from 149 patients with(More)
Even though intervertebral disc degeneration can be found in the natural course of alkaptonuria, detection of the disease by black disc color change in a patient without any other presentation of alkaptonuria is an exceptionally rare condition. We have reported a very rare case of alkaptonuria presented with low back pain and steppage gait in a 51-year-old(More)