Mahmoud E. Allam

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Direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation of signals is an important area of research in sonar and radar signal processing. Over the last few decades, numerous techniques have been developed for high resolution DOA estimation. In this paper, we show that velocity measurement using pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound and DOA estimation are isomorphic problems. We(More)
In part I of this work, we presented the basic principles for applying high resolution wideband Direction-of-Arrival estimation techniques to pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound. Such techniques provide high resolution velocity profiles and enable the identification of multiple velocity components inside a sample volume. Another important application is the(More)
Face verification has been widely studied during the past two decades. One of the challenges is the rising concern about the security and privacy of the template database. In this paper, we propose a secure face verification system which employs a user dependent one way transformation based on a two stage hashing algorithm. We first hash the face image(More)
Phase aberration due to tissues with inhomogeneous acoustic speeds is a major source for image degradation in medical ultrasound. In most phased array pulse-echo ultrasound systems, the delay used to steer and focus the beams are calculated assuming constant speed. In practice, however, the acoustic speed varies for different types of tissue. In this paper,(More)
The ability to effectively organize textual information is a big challenge in intelligent text processing. With the increase in the amount of textual data being generated, this task is becoming more and more essential. In this paper we present an unsupervised computer-aided tool for automatically building classification schemes and taxonomies for enhancing(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm to reconstruct a High Resolution (HR) image from a set of blurred, warped, undersampled, and noisy measured images. The proposed algorithm uses the affine block-based algorithm in the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator. It is tested using synthetic images, where the reconstructed image can be compared with its original. A(More)
  • M. El Allam, C. Inguimbert, +5 authors Mohamed Ben Abdellah
  • 2016
.Co gamma rays are used to investigate the relevance of the NIEL scaling law for both electrons and gamma rays in Gallium Arsenide. A displacement threshold energy of 21 eV is found for GaAs material. Index terms− Space Environment, Displacement Damage, gamma rays, Non Ionizing Energy Loss. Paper submitted at NSREC2016 Session: Basic Mechanisms of Radiation(More)
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