Mahmoud Bahmani

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Borna disease virus (BDV) naturally infects horses, sheep, and several other species, including humans, and it is believed to be related to neurological disorders. BDV infection in domestic cats has also been demonstrated by serological assays. We demonstrated for the first time BDV RNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 11 of 83 (13.3%) randomly(More)
This paper describes a selection of the ethnove-terinary medicines used for herd dogs in the southern regions of Ilam province, Iran. Traditional botanical medicine is the primary mode of healthcare for most of the rural population in Ilam province. In this study, a questionnaire was distributed among 45 residential areas in 22 rural zones of the southern(More)
Diploid gynogenesis was induced in ship sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris using UV-irradiated sperm from Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baerii. The optimal condition for the retention of the second polar body in ship sturgeon was determined to be 10 min after activation/fertilization in experiments. The temperature of cold shock and its duration were 2.5 °C and(More)
This study was carried out to determine the effects of methanolic extracts of Allium sativum L. on Limnatis nilotica compared with Niclosomide. In this experimental study in September 2010, a number of leeches (70 in total) from the southern area of Ilam province were prepared, and the effects of methanolic extract of A. sativum L. with Niclosomide as the(More)
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