Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

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The problem of the parameterization of data points in NURBS curve/surface has been considered by amount of researchers. In this study, a new parameterization method considered as hybrid parameterization method is proposed. Like universal method, this method uses the property of ¿at each span index, there is exactly one maximum value of the rational B-spline(More)
Accident forecasting is designed to help decision making and planning before loss occur; a new method of combination forecasting applied in traffic accident is showed in this paper. It is based on the rough sets theory, and the weighting coefficient of all the forecast models, so the result of forecasting will be more precise. Based on the mean relative(More)
In this paper, the problem of reducing control points for surface reconstruction is addressed. A new parameterization method considered as hybrid method for NURBS surface is presented. This method allows multiple knots, and very close domain knots. The proposed method and another three conventional methods (uniform, cord length and centripetal) are applied(More)
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