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—In this paper, we address the spectrum allocation problem in cellular networks under the coordinated dynamic spectrum access (CDSA) model. In this model, a centralized spectrum broker owns a part of the spectrum and issues dynamic spectrum leases to competing base stations in the region it controls. We consider a dynamic auction based approach where the(More)
This paper describes the SemEval 2016 shared task on Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA), a continuation of the respective tasks of 2014 and 2015. In its third year, the task provided 19 training and 20 testing datasets for 8 languages and 7 domains, as well as a common evaluation procedure. From these datasets, 25 were for sentence-level and 14 for(More)
Keywords: Cloud computing Cloud computing modeling and simulation CloudSim Network topologies MapReduce SLA management Rain workload generator a b s t r a c t Cloud computing is an emerging and fast-growing computing paradigm that has gained great interest from both industry and academia. Consequently, many researchers are actively involved in cloud(More)
— In recent years, Self-management (Self-X) technologies that fully automate the tasks of managing (i.e. configuring, monitoring, and optimizing) a cellular network are emerging as an important tool in reducing service provider OPEX and CAPEX and will be a distinguishing feature of LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks. In this work, we focus on one such(More)
! Abstract—Throughput optimization in wireless networks with multiple channels and multiple radio interfaces per node is a challenging problem. For general traffic models (given a set of source-destination pairs), optimization of throughput entails design of " efficient " routes between the given source-destination pairs, in conjunction with (i) assignment(More)
The cloud computing paradigm provides a shared pool of resources and services with different models delivered to the customers through the Internet via an on-demand dynamically-scalable form charged using a pay-per-use model. The main problem we tackle in this paper is to optimize the resource provisioning task by shortening the completion time for the(More)
—The problem of automatically extracting opinions and emotions from textual data have gained a lot of interest recently. Unfortunately, most studies on Sentiment Analysis (SA) focus mainly on the English language, whereas studies considering other important and widespread languages such as Arabic are few. Moreover, publicly-available Arabic datasets are(More)
Medical image processing is one of the most famous image processing fields in this era. This fame comes because of the big revolution in information technology that is used to diagnose many illnesses and saves patients lives. There are many image processing techniques used in this field, such as image reconstructing, image segmentation and many more. Image(More)