Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub

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Multi-label text classification (MTC) is a natural extension of the traditional text classification (TC) in which a possibly large set of labels can be assigned to each document. The dimensionality of labels makes MTC difficult and challenging. Several ways are proposed to ease the classification process and one of them is called the problem transformation(More)
This paper describes the SemEval 2016 shared task on Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA), a continuation of the respective tasks of 2014 and 2015. In its third year, the task provided 19 training and 20 testing datasets for 8 languages and 7 domains, as well as a common evaluation procedure. From these datasets, 25 were for sentence-level and 14 for(More)
The emergence of the Web 2.0 technology generated a massive amount of raw data by enabling Internet users to post their opinions, reviews, comments on the web. Processing this raw data to extract useful information can be a very challenging task. An example of important information that can be automatically extracted from the users' posts and comments is(More)
The internet of things (IoT) represent the current and future state of the Internet. The large number of things (objects), which are connected to the Internet, produce a huge amount of data that needs a lot of effort and processing operations to transfer it to useful information. Moreover, the organization and control of this large volume of data requires(More)
With the rapid growth of data centers and the unprecedented increase in storage demands, the traditional storage control techniques are considered unsuitable to deal with this large volume of data in an efficient manner. The Software Defined Storage (SDStore) comes as a solution for this issue by abstracting the storage control operations from the storage(More)
The problem of automatically extracting opinions and emotions from textual data have gained a lot of interest recently. Unfortunately, most studies on Sentiment Analysis (SA) focus mainly on the English language, whereas studies considering other important and wide-spread languages such as Arabic are few. Moreover, publicly-available Arabic datasets are(More)
Medical image processing is one of the most famous image processing fields in this era. This fame comes because of the big revolution in information technology that is used to diagnose many illnesses and saves patients lives. There are many image processing techniques used in this field, such as image reconstructing, image segmentation and many more. Image(More)
Sentiment Analysis (SA) is the process of determining the sentiment of a text written in a natural language to be positive, negative or neutral. It is one of the most interesting subfields of natural language processing (NLP) and Web mining due to its diverse applications and the challenges associated with applying it on the massive amounts of textual data(More)