Mahmoud Abo Khamis

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We define and study the Functional Aggregate Query (FAQ) problem, which encompasses many frequently asked questions in constraint satisfaction, databases, matrix operations, probabilistic graphical models and logic. This is our main conceptual contribution. We then present a simple algorithm called "InsideOut" to solve this general problem. InsideOut is a(More)
We present a simple geometric framework for the relational join. Using this framework, we design an algorithm that achieves the fractional hypertree-width bound, which generalizes classical and recent worst-case algorithmic results on computing joins. In addition, we use our framework and the same algorithm to show a series of what are colloquially known as(More)
In-database analytics is of great practical importance as it avoids the costly repeated loop data scientists have to deal with on a daily basis: select features, export the data, convert data format, train models using an external tool, reimport the parameters. It is also a fertile ground of theoretically fundamental and challenging problems at the(More)
Recent works on bounding the output size of a conjunctive query with functional dependencies and degree bounds have shown a deep connection between fundamental questions in information theory and database theory. We prove analogous output bounds for <i>disjunctive datalog rules</i>, and answer several open questions regarding the tightness and looseness of(More)
We consider list versions of sparse approximation problems, where unlike the existing results in sparse approximation that consider situations with unique solutions, we are interested in multiple solutions. We introduce these problems and present the first combinatorial results on the output list size. These generalize and enhance some of the existing(More)
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