Mahmoud A. A. Attia

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Males are at greater risk for renal injury than females. This may relate to nitric oxide (NO) availability, because female rats have higher renal endothelial NO synthase (NOS) levels. Previously, our laboratory found susceptibility to proteinuria induced by NOS inhibition in male compared with female rats. Dyslipidemia and hypercholesterolemia dose(More)
Abstarct Visual features are used extensively to compose image signatures in content based image retrieval systems CBIR. Although the retrieval quality is sufficient for some tasks and the automatic extraction of visual features is rather convenient, there is still a semantic gap between the low-level visual features (textures, colors) automatically(More)
Research has focused on static large graph management. However, most of real-world networks evolve with time. Managing these evolving networks has attracted much attention in recent years. The networks' evolved data can be kept in a dynamic graph to improve the expressiveness and the quality of search queries as well as snapshot(s) retrieval. Storing the(More)
Selective image encryption has a significant importance in many applications as it offers significant savings in computations, cost, and time. Many attempts are exerted for this purpose as the traditional full image encryption/decryption algorithms may be too massive. In this paper, a new technique for selective image encryption is developed. The algorithm(More)
Retrieving historical information in a short time is a crucial objective in dynamic graphs. Some of the existing dynamic graph models use log-files to store the graph evolution history. These log-files store the history as a set of events sorted by their occurrence time. For answering a historical query on these models, the snapshot at the given historic(More)
There is a significant research interest in representing evolving networks in the form of graph models. Most of the existing models use data structures to store sequence of snapshots, which are either historical or retrieved for processing purposes. Despite consuming minimal update time, these data structures induce storage redundancy, since consecutive(More)
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