Mahmood Sadeghi

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BACKGROUND Sulfur mustard (SM) is an incapacitating chemical warfare agent, which has been widely employed in particular regions including Iran. We investigated and reported delayed biochemical and hematological complications of SM in severely toxic Iranian veterans 23 years after exposure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-two Iranian veterans, residents of(More)
BACKGROUND Rhabdomyolysis is a clinical and biochemical syndrome, which is observed in some patients with acute chemical and/or pharmaceutical poisonings. We aimed to investigate rhabdomyolysis in patients with acute poisonings due to different chemicals, natural toxins or drug overdose. MATERIALS AND METHODS Following approval of the University medical(More)
DG planning is an important issue in power system studies. These technologies have a lot of advantages such as reducing power loss, improving voltage profile and etc. Renewable resources such as wind and solar units are the cleanest technologies among all of the DG technologies. This paper presents wind turbine planning in order to reduce the annual costs(More)
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  • 2012
The following are the abstracts from the scientific presentations of the 10th Annual Congress of the Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT), which was held in Penang, Malaysia, in November 2011. Clinicians and researchers from over 20 countries attended this meeting, where more than 110 abstracts were showcased as either oral platform or(More)
BACKGROUND The chemical contamination of water is a major concern for the environmental and health authorities globally. Some anions present in the water are required for human health, but some of them are harmful. Free cyanide and nitrate are amongst the toxic agents in the aquatic environment. Cyanide is highly toxic for human beings. Industrial plants(More)
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