Mahmood Pradhan

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The purpose of this study was to analyze breast lesions causing breast lump with special reference to patients younger and older than 30 years of age diagnosed by fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and to evaluate the histology of the cases diagnosed as suspicious of malignancy in FNA. All patients who underwent FNA during four years period (2000-2004) were(More)
This paper assesses how pro-poor and inclusive Asia’s recent growth has been, and what factors have been driving these outcomes. It finds that while poverty has fallen across the region over the last two decades, inequality has increased, dampening the impact of growth on poverty reduction. As a result, relative to other emerging and developing regions and(More)
INTRODUCTION The information on cancer incidence is an important basis to prioritize the preventive policy of a country. Since there are only limited reports on the gynecological cancers in Nepal, the present study was undertaken to further elucidate the incidences of different gynecological cancers by age, site and histological subtype in a large series.(More)
BACKGROUND Intrusive luxation injuries often result in severe damage to the tooth, periodontal ligament and pulpal tissue. Furthermore, treatment outcome is often unpredictable because of the large number of injury related variables which influence choice of treatment and prognosis. This report presents the case of a 9-year-old boy with a 6 mm intruded(More)
In the aftermath of several widespread financial crises, “herd” has again become a pejorative term in the financial lexicon. Investors and fund managers are portrayed as herds that charge into risky ventures without adequate information and appreciation of the risk-reward trade-offs and, at the first sign of trouble, flee to safer havens. Some observers(More)
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