Mahmood Mirza

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We hypothesised that the depletion of propylene glycol from topical formulations applied at clinically relevant doses (approximately mg/cm2) would limit its penetration enhancement effect. The in vitro percutaneous permeation of a model drug-loperamide hydrochloride-in formulations containing propylene glycol was therefore investigated under finite dose(More)
BACKGROUND Despite significant advancements in the procedural efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy in patients with ischemic stroke in recent years, there still remains a portion of the population that does not achieve good recanalization. The reasons for this may be varied. We hypothesized that static friction between the clot and the vessel, or catheter(More)
In unenhanced computed tomography (CT) of acute ischemic stroke, the density of occluding clots is associated with the content of red blood cells and successful recanalization with stent thrombectomy. However, no CT marker for fibrin content is established. In order to improve clot diagnostics, we conducted an in vitro study to investigate thrombus(More)
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