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Nearly completed conjoined or fused symmetrical twins are generally called diplopagus. Sheep conjoined twins have been reported less than cow. An apparently female conjoined twin lambs was examined based on external and internal features. In radiology, two vertebral columns and two pairs of the ribs were seen. Only two heads and two necks were separated(More)
There are many reports that show the teratogenic effects of phenobarbital can be decreased by stimulation of maternal immune system. Therefore, in this study, the prophylactic effects of levamisole and vitamin E on teratogenic effects of phenobarbital were compared. This study was performed on 20 pregnant rats that were divided into four groups. Control(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the testicular lesions and their effects on the epididymal sperm parameters in the Iranian river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Total numbers of 117 scrota from the pubertal buffalo were provided from the local slaughterhouse. The samples were evaluated for morphological parameters and any macro- or microscopic lesions. The(More)
Cyclophosphamide (CP) is a drug commonly used to treat neoplastic disease and some autoimmune diseases. It is also a well-known and well-studied teratogen causing a variety of birth defects in fetuses of pregnant women treated with the drug. There are many reports that show the adverse effects of CP can be decreased by use of antioxidant drugs. It appears(More)
Cyclophosphamide (CP) is a mustard alkylating agent used in the treatment of a number of neoplastic diseases and as an immunosuppressant for the prevention of xenograft rejection. There are many reports that the teratogenic effects of cyclophosphamide can be prevented by application of antioxidant drugs and stimulation of the maternal immune system. Also,(More)
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