Mahmood Kazemi

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A 48-year-old woman with a severely atrophied maxilla was treated with open sinus augmentation surgery along with Le Fort I osteotomy with a pedicled buccal fat pad graft to position the maxilla in a right occlusal plane with respect to the mandible and to construct adequate bone volume allowing proper implant placement. Six dental implants were inserted in(More)
Three autopolymerizing acrylic resins were applied to a titanium alloy abutment connected to 2 different diameters of an implant. The implants were embedded in fresh iliac bone of sheep in a 37°C water bath. Temperature changes were recorded via embedded thermocouples at the cervical (T1) and apical (T2) regions of the implant surface. Polymerization(More)
OBJECTIVE Accurate delivery of torque to implant screws is critical to generate ideal preload in the screw joint and to offer protection against screw loosening. Mechanical torque-limiting devices (MTLDs) are available for this reason. In this study, the accuracy of one type of friction-style and two types of spring-style MTLDs at baseline, following(More)
This clinical report presents a 46-year-old man diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma with the chief complaint of masticatory and speech deficiency because of radiation therapy. After a period of controlling post radiation caries, the patient was rehabilitated with tooth and implant supported metal ceramic restorations following surgical and endodontic(More)
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